Attention workers’ compensation insurance policyholders: The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) is no longer mailing experience rating worksheets in advance of renewals.  NCCI has begun mailing letters to policyholders with “pin” numbers and instructions for downloading NCCI worksheets directly on their website here.  In the letter a policyholder must also enter their 9-digit Risk ID number.  This number will be included in the letter, but you may also find it on your existing policy, previous NCCI worksheet(s) or by calling us at 866-934-9774.  We will look it up for you.


If your company’s workers’ compensation insurance policy renewal is fast approaching and you have not received a letter from NCCI with your pin you may call NCCI directly at 800-622-4123, and then dial option “4”.  This will bring you to the correct department to receive your pin over the phone, so you can then download your new worksheet.


What is the best thing for your company to do when a new NCCI worksheet is produced?  Email or fax it to us at 804-934-9790.  One of our workers’ compensation insurance experts will scan it for errors and process it through our experience modification factor verification software to determine its accuracy.  Experience modification errors can be costly, in terms of driving up policy premium, which adds expense to a company’s bottom line.  Do not let NCCI experience modification factor errors go undetected.   Let us help your business.